Milan Svatonský, 59 Years, Ostrava

The base is to trust the doctors.“ Milan Svatonský says

Former active football player Milan Svatonský was used to physical effort his entire life. Thanks to stem cells that healed his leg, he can play football even today. “I am healthy and can walk,” he says when he is asked about how he is less than two years after the surgery.

Even though he has diabetes for 14 years and injects himself with insulin, he did not have any serious problems until the year before last.

When he slipped off his sock after a football match, he had a blister on his toe: “Quite common thing. I peeled it off as usually. I thought it had been the shoes. But when it kept weeping and didn’t heal, I went to the surgery. The state of the wound was getting worse and it was still opened. They had to amputate part of my bone along with the necrotic tissue to save my toe.” That is how he recalls the unpleasant experience.

But Mr. Svatonský had health problems from that time on. The reason was vessel blockage which caused hypoperfusion. He underwent catheterization repeatedly – doctors were trying to widen his vessel with a balloon. “And then a friend of mine recommended doctor Procházka to me. He examined me and said treatment with my own stem cells was appropriate for me. I was not afraid and did it. I had no problems and there were no complications after the procedure. And do not mind the partially missing toe at all.” Milan Svatonský, whom is still under doctors’ surveillance, finishes his story. He visits diabetology for examinations once in three months and goes to vessel examinations twice a year.